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Me And My First Family Encounter. Part Four


Me and My First Family Encounter. Part Four. Passion and lust. My first family encounter continues. If you have read part one, to part four of my true story posts, you will discover the true fact that I have been having real sex with my mother for some years before this next part of my TRUE STORY........ But things seem to have got far more hot between my hot horny sexy mother and me, much hotter in fact, since I was now at the age of 18. This evening I felt hot and horny, in fact I had been feeling hot and horny for the whole day, but I had not done anything to myself to make me feel b… Read more

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OTK Ch. 02


Last night I spanked my mother, and then sent her to bed. I'd stayed downstairs, and wanked till I came, all the while reliving that spanking of her chubby bum, with the tight-stretched panties. Today I had decided that this time I'd see if her spanking had made her more submissive - more agreeable to my demands. She arrived home a little late, and was surprised to see me already there. I guessed she was hoping I'd be late, or out for the evening. I started as I intended to go on. "Mother, come in here, please." Somewhat hesitantly she came into the front room. "What....what's up, Don?" an… Read more

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I got home feeling really horny - it had been a hard day, and my secretary must have had a row with her boyfriend for all the use she'd been. My first thought was to go upstairs and wank, but then I heard a noise from the back bedroom, and she came downstairs, smiling cheekily. "Hi, Don, you're home early. What's up?" Without waiting for an answer she passed me and headed into the dining room. I flipped my hand at her backside, but only just made contact; she laughed, tweaked up her skirt to give me a glimpse of her panties and stepped down into the kitchen. That glimpse, that tiny sight of… Read more

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Best kept secret

HardcoreInterracial Sex

by Williacj I was at best buy in greenfield finishing up organizing the stock room around 10 pm and taiesha munoz came behind the desk"what's up tai I thought you were off today" i said to her. she walked up to me."I'm off, i just came to get my paycheck"she replied.I looked over at her she was wearing a puerto rican flag colored tank top blue jeans and flip flops her finger and toenails painted maroon."bonita boriqua,from your pretty eyes down to your pretty little toes" i told her"she smiled."you checkin me out huh?" she asked. How can a man not see a latina like her and not get a hard o… Read more

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BBC Through A Glory Hole

Gay MaleInterracial Sex

This is a true story. I was 19, in college, and horny as fuck. I had a car so one afternoon I drove 20 miles to the nearest city, searching for an adult video shop so I could watch some porn and jerk off my 8 inch dick until it was ready to shoot out a load of jizz. I found one and as soon as I walked in, I was the center of attention. A very cute 19 year old surrounded by at least 15 unattractive older white men, most of them at least 50 years old. I walked to the back where the peep show booths were, loaded with quarters, and I checked out each booth. It was 1981, before the age of video,… Read more

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My new redhead gym intructor


That summer my beloved Ana insisted I should try going to the gym, to get a little bit fit. I finally accepted her orders and went to the same gym she used to work out. Due to my own schedule, I found my instructor would be a wonderful redhead babe. She was really very hot. Slim, tall, a perfect toned body with a pair of long legs to die for. My first class there was fine. My hot trainer Sheila made me do some workout at the machines and when I finished, she said I could have a warm shower and she would wait for me… I was under the shower, when Sheila came inside and joined me. I was astoni… Read more

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The Neighborhood MILF: Colleen


Our neighborhood is is full of colorful characters, but it would be even greater if my sister Colleen was still around. She and her husband Tom built a new home on the other side of town several years ago, and moved there when their two boys were in high school. I missed used having my older sister just a few houses away, to lean on her whenever I needed support, advice or just someone to talk to. Along with our other sister Kelly, we’ve had quite a roller coaster relationship over the years with lots of teasing and spats to… Read more

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Our New Bisexual Friend

Group Sex

*Reposted & cleaned up from another story on Xhamster* One The night I met Steve I knew there was something special about him. "I just about always get what I'm after," he'd said with a smile. "Sometimes I have to work hard for it, but I always get it." I don't remember how I happened to stop into the bar after work, unless it was that Lil and I hadn't been hitting it off too well. After a year of marriage I guess the honeymoon was wearing off a little. Not that Lil wasn't damn good in bed; and she loved my big dick. A few times lately I'd gotten the idea she was imagining someone el… Read more

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My husband shocked me the night I entered and satu

First TimeTaboo

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">It is known that any girl waits for the day when she is engaged and wears the ring of her boyfriend and future husband and continues to dream of the wedding night, the night of income, the night and the dream of her life that feels feminine and satisfies her desire for sex. There is no doubt that I was above the heads of girls in that cravings, especially since I wanted to satisfy my lust and my desire, and there is nothing wrong with that. On university days, I did not like my fellow students with me, so I waited to… Read more

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Grass Cutter Part 2

Gay Male

After my first gay experience with the 25 year old Scott, a customer of mine who I cut grass for, I was beginning to think I was totally gay. Scott and I would have sex before and after I cut the grass; and this happened every Friday afternoon. I was losing interest in having sex with my wife, and when we did have sex I always thought of Scott. And top it off, Scott's older roommate Johnathan, I believe, was getting suspicious of Scott and I. One Friday afternoon Johnathan came home early. I had just finished fucking Scott and we both had just gotten dressed when Johnathan came in asking me ve… Read more

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mature white wife submissive

Interracial Sex

Since I had started it, I couldn't just stop. I pondered this while we fondled each other, Rene giggling as I fingered her panties. Rene looked up at my towering figure and lifted her fingers to the giant penis hanging before her. She ran her fingers along the shaft and then grasped it in her hand. Rene stroked it up and down until she told me. "Oh my God! Give it to me, hard Cory!" She pushed her buttocks back into my thrusting black penis. She loved it doggy style. I pumped into her as hard as I could. I felt her shaking as… Read more

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Nude Beach--We have to take care of those!

FetishTabooGroup Sex

My wife and I were on a vacation a few years back in the Caribbean. As it turned out the resort (we honestly didn't know when booking), had a nude beach section. This section was secluded, and past all the rest of the beach away from the resort a bit. But as we heard from other patrons, they actually had a bar and small pool over there as well, which belonged to the resort. The first day or two we had no intention of making our way down there. We were content to enjoy our trip and stick to the regular section of the resort. However, we made friends with another couple the first night and the… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 94


Rick had spent a strenuous night with the Kelly family. After Pete had fucked Sue the second time, and proved in her mind that she had been ENTIRELY right, that her Daddy would be her favorite sex partner, they looked in to see if Doris and Rick were still fucking. They weren't fucking. They were laying there cuddling like a pair of lovers should. Doris had a leg over Rick, holding him near to her, and he had a nipple in his mouth sucking it, while the hand not under her neck was stroking her clit. Her head was back, her mouth was open, and it sounded like she was coming yet again. Sue giggled… Read more

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A very good view 2 :-P

Voyeur Very good these videos, very thanks for who had loaded it, also at me is happened a very good view like in these videos, in the car, with my nice sister, with the only difference, however, that my sister is not a bitch :-P as the "sarcastic" description of th… Read more

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Good neighbors are hard to cum by.

Gay MaleHardcoreFirst Time

I fumbled around at my mailbox in the hallway of our apartment complex. Trying to get a stuck letter out of my mailbox. The door to the hallway opened up and I heard a pair of heavy biker boots approach. The footsteps echoed menacingly in the hallway. I stood bent over at my mailbox. My ass sticking out toward the guy that walked into the hallway. He planted a boot on either side of my legs and gave me a vicious slap on my ass. "Look at that! ... I did not know this apartment building came with these amenities ... Bent over… Read more

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First Black

First TimeHardcore

Not many twenty two year olds would have even considered it, but I readers, I went on a 2 week holiday to spain with my parents. I managed to get a deal from work at the time and thought it would be a good idea. It turned out alright in the end. Day two and your narrator was already getting fed up with the hotel. I needed to get out and see the place on my own, the night life, pubs, clubs and just experience the place. You know how it is when you're young. I did plan on just getting ready and going out after dinner that second night. I sat by the pool in the baking heat thinking about what to… Read more

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The twins Haitien boys

Interracial SexGay MaleTaboo

It was going to be a nice camping trip i was so excited to try my new tent and sleep in the woods I packed all my stuff and on friday we left my parents and me 3hrs away from home Wr got there just before dawn and i set up my tent on my camp ground momy and dad in the little chalet they rented not far maybe 500 feet from my campground we ate diner and i was out riding my bike in the camping trails they were 2 identical black twin guys fishing down the river I stop curious if they caught anything maybe 3 yrs older than me ''hi is the fish biting?'' ''hey, no we just got here wanna fish w… Read more

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Transforming Genevieve Ch. 16


Between my first and second class on Monday, my cell rang. “Morning sexy,” Bill replied after I said hello. “Good morning how was your night?” I asked. His reply kind of shocked me. “Honestly Genevieve my night was horrible.” “Why is that?” I asked. “I had to suffer through the evening with Tess all the while I was wishing I was with you,” he answered. I giggled before saying. “Well, I guess I’ll just have to make it up to you later today.” “Do I really have to wait till later?” He asked. “Oh my, aren’t we the horny little devil today,” I remarked. “Horny for your hot body,”… Read more

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Home for the Holidays


There was a knock at the door of the old brownstone. When Henry Page went to answer it, he saw his daughter standing there in a jacket that was way too light for an east coast winter snowstorm. Her boyfriend Jeremy was standing right behind her with their luggage in hand as they both shivered in the heavy flurries that were beginning to fall as the day went on. The neighborhood had already gotten a foot of snow by that point and the taxi that had dropped them off had barely made it down the street to complete the task. "Merry Christmas, Dad!" Mackenzie said to her father, as her boyfriend ec… Read more

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A pleasant treatment with my new Gyno

VoyeurInterracial SexMature

When we moved to Savannah, I got a new gynecologist doctor. He was a black man, in his early fifties. At my first appointment, a nice young black nurse led me to the examination room and told me to strip and put on a special gown. A few minutes later my new Doctor came, asking me how I was doing. I confirmed him I was there just for a routine checkup. He surprised me by telling I was a very attractive woman, although I was in my late forties. I blushed a bit, but thanked him. Then he asked me about my sexual appetite and I told him that my beloved Victor and I had sex almost daily... I looke… Read more

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