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Marrried Guy @ The Glory Hole

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[For tej4901--- for the nice comments. Enjoy!] He gave his name as "James", but I didn't really know if that was his 'real name', or not, but it didn't really matter if it was, or wasn't. Besides, a certain anonymity was what a glory hole was all about! Mystery. Uncertainty. Adventure. An orgasm. A nice load of cum, given urgently, passionately, completely---that, for me especially, was the entire allure of having a glory hole. I was always ready for yet another cock to suck, and hot load of sperm to swallow! James would be just one more in a growing line of such things. His e-mail had said… Read more

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Well sucked by my husband's son.


- How did you find out? - She told for Lilian. - A confidence like that, sóintimate? I thought it would be more discreet. - Nothing, it's still the same person you knew. Lilian was shocked, she only told me after I promised she wouldn't tell for anyone else. - So watch out for Tiago, if he knows that you know, we know, things will boil.... Look out! Don't even tell for anyone - Do you want tô hear it or don't you? - Speak. - What Lilian told was... *** - I didn't find Tiago for weeks, after that madness. After all, h… Read more

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Helping Mum


I knocked on my mum's bedroom door. "Mum, can I come in." "What do you want", my mum called back. "I just have to get something from your bathroom." "Come in, but make it quick." I opened the door and entered her room. My mum was in jeans that covered her belly button. On top she had nothing on but a white lacy bra. Mums tits were 38 D. My mum was no skinny lady. She was a size 14, so she still looked good. I loved what I saw but did not stare. I went to the bathroom in her room, got my hair gel. From that day on my mum became my fetish. *** I grew up in a pretty normal house. We were… Read more

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Deep In His Eyes I Saw Love


got out of the bed while the sun was still sleeping.I dont know what made me get up, but i slowly moved towards the window and looked out.I tried to find the stars out there in the sky, but they were somewhere lost in the dark. I asked to myself,"Would i be able to watch the sunrise today?".These thoughts often came in my mind.I looked at my bed, my husband Sameer,was asleep, and so was my little darling daughter Sandhya.I was living a wealthy life with my fa… Read more

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She Controlled Me More Than I Thought - 8


Friends House I entered her house which started to seem like a second home to me by now. I mean I am always naked in it, and it still feels comfortable most of the time. Today was a comfortable one, feeling great after my last visit. Having her fuck my ass was not traditional sex in any means, but it felt great with her doing it. Plus I spent the night with her in the same bed. I slept so good that night. I walked into the living room to see her standing there in jeans and a blouse nothing really revealing, but nicer that staying at home clothes. The high heels she had on gave it away, I thi… Read more

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The way it should be

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I didn't write this story, I found it online, but felt the need to share it! It was early, slightly before dawn, and, as was his habit, Garrett Jackson had sat up, stepped out of bed, stretched out briefly to loosen up, padded into the kitchen for the coffee that was waiting for him, and now sat in his living room, looking out over the city vista below. Though the view was entrancing, it barely registered in the handsome former college football star’s consciousness. Garrett’s thoughts were instead turned inward as he reviewed recent events in his progression into the role of black bull fo… Read more

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In chastity but joined in

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Friday as soon as I walked in the house from work I was greeted by my wife Andrea. She had a towel around her that just did cover her ass, she said get in the shower and shave. Without questioning her I did as I was told. The hot shower felt good after a long day at work and as I carefully shaved my balls I couldn't help but think what my sexy little lady had in mind tonight. When I had dried off I went to the bedroom to get dressed and I found Andrea waiting for me there. She was wearing her long pink bathrobe and fuzzy slippers. She said hands behind your back. I knew some sort of chastity… Read more

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Try Me

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I came home from riding my bike in the scorching midday sun, feeling heated and a little dehydrated. It was my own fault; with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees, it might not have been the most ideal time of day for outdoor exercise, but I was a bit pressed for time. I was supposed to enter a race next week, and as I was still recovering from a mild case of the flu, I had taken out my bike and made a fifty-mile practice round in the hills to see if I was up for it. I was worn-out and a bit sore, but it felt good and my time was even better than I had hoped. I was confident that, if I ate… Read more

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My Girlfriend

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I started dating my girlfriend in Junior year and she came from a very respectful family. She told me she wouldn't have sex with me until we are married if it gets that far. We are both 18 now and have graduated, she is taking 6 months to travel across Asia and Africa while I am working to save up so we could get our own place. My girlfriend is a petite girl and I am a small guy so we match very well together. She is one of those perfect picturesque angelic white girls, 4''11 tall, 90lbs, a nose that is tilted upward a little, long blonde hair and big brown eyes and she has tiny little 32A br… Read more

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My ex-wife Chapter 3 - Spending time with Roz


Following my catching Sue cheating on me, life went on. Sue watched me like a hawk seeking out its prey asking numerous questions about what I had been doing if I went anywhere without her. Meanwhile, she lived her free and easy life going out with the girls at least once a week. She had taken up roller skating which was her sport of choice from when she was single and participated every Tuesday and Friday nights. Of course, she expected that I would stay home looking after the k**s which suited me as I despised roller skating. She was always at least an hour late coming home. She insisted… Read more

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"Confession time!" I announced as I passed the bottle of wine my girlfriends and I were working on. "I wanna hear all about your deepest, darkest confessions! Make me forget that bastard that cheated on me!" I knocked back my third glass of wine and reached for the bottle after Nikki passed it back to me. All of the women sitting around the fire started to giggle and point fingers to one another, trying to get someone to confess. "Oh, all right, said Shana. "I'll go but you all have to promise me that what I'm about to tell you goes nowhere! I can't have ANYbody finding out what I've done!! Go… Read more

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Playing dumb


I met Tammy through a personal on Yahoo when I was a junior in college. I had only been single for a few weeks after a tough break up with a girl who cheated on me. I was lonely, I was horny and in need of a rebound relationship. I was straight forward in my personal, stating that I had just been dumped and was looking for someone that wasn't looking for a long term relationship. I had posted the personal one the night I broke up with my ex. Tammy was the only one to respond. She didn't want to exchange pictures before meeting at an agreed location just in front of the library at 3pm on a Frid… Read more

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My Mother in Laws guide to Sex with your son in la

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First and foremost This is all true and was never sexually attracted to my Son in Law at first. We had always been very close and I thought my daughter was so lucky to have him. He’s attractive, shy, caring, kind hearted and Yes he has an amazing cock. I only became attracted to him because I was sexually starved due to my Husband no longer wanting to sleep with me, my daughter confiding in me saying she has zero sex drive and felt bad because she could tell her husband was frustrated, my son in law confiding telling me about how my daughter works long hours and always seems exhausted and is p… Read more

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Wicked world of Telemarketing part 2

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hAs i left off Thomas had accepted Wendy's offer to become one of the girls his name would now be Terri and the feminizing process would begin tomorrow when all the girls showed up. After being fucked by Joan and her eight inch dildo Terri's male pussy was sore he was wondering what he had gotten himself into. Saturday morning had arrived in the blink of an eye Terri was supposed to be at the office at nine o'clock sharp to begin the feminizing process Terri arrived at nine o'clock sharp . Wendy and Joan were already there Wendy just looked at me and smiled i was wondering after last night… Read more

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TRC - Oni and the Farmer Ch. 4

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Chapter 4 Ikuno and Kal watched as the Knights made their way back towards the village. While Kal wouldn’t exactly call them friends, they didn’t quite fit into the enemy category either. Feeling that his chances of ever seeing any of them again were slim he put it out of his mind. Looking up at Ikuno he saw that she was studying him intently. “Is something wrong?” he asked. Ikuno was thoughtful as she studied him. “No, nothing is wrong. At least not yet.” “Not yet? That sounds ominous.” “Nothing to worry about right now,” she said, smiling. “I’ll let you know when the time comes, I don’t… Read more

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True Orlando airport story!!

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This is a true story, that i was recapping to someone recently and thought i would share. I’m not much of a writer but I’ll try to keep it readable. I have been lucky with my work to travel the world and have some fun, interesting, sexy stories that i might share. Being 6’5’’ and quite athletic I’ve had few fun adventures. This happened a while back while on an over night stay at the airport hotel in Orlando. I had just come off a long haul flight so checked in, grabbed a shower and went down to the hotel bar for a beer. I like to sit at the bar and find people to chat to and hear their stori… Read more

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A nice downblouse and other :-P

VoyeurMasturbation very good these videos i too had a nice situation for an accident of this kind, at home, with my sister. It was a summer's evening, July if i not remember bad :-P, i'm heading toward the lunch-room for the dinner, my sister is sitting at the table, and she wears a tunic for the house, and i see her from behind, and, given that the backrest of the chair was at half, i can see from behind her, and i see her beautiful… Read more

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A nice downblouse and other :-P

VoyeurMasturbation very good these videos i too had a nice situation for an accident of this kind, at home, with my sister. It was a summer's evening, July if i not remember bad :-P, i'm heading toward the lunch-room for the dinner, my sister is sitting at the table, and she wears a tunic for the house, and i see her from behind, and, given that the backrest of the chair was at half, i can see from behind her, and i see her beautiful… Read more

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First Date with Tony

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Tony (first date) – After my first adventure with D I knew that I had to be with a man again soon. I knew that part of me felt right and fulfilled being feminine and feeling his cock respond – it was powerful and erotic and all oh so feminine. I jumped back onto the dating line as soon as I could and started looking for my next man. After a few days I struck up a conversation with a guy named Tony. He was very experienced and very much into gurls like me. I arranged to meet him in the lobby of his apartment building. He told me to wear stockings, panties, and bra under my normal clothes – no s… Read more

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First Fun after Moving

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D – After moving to the south Anne and I lived in a small apartment for the first few years while saving money to buy a house. During this time I would dress in her lingerie in the mornings (she left for work before I did) and occasionally when she was out. I enjoyed fucking myself with her toys while dressed, especially with the window open in hopes that someone might see and be interested. During this time I found a local telephone dating line that was mostly for hook-ups. I would often call it and get off talking with different men (and occasionally women). I loved hearing them cum and woul… Read more

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